Janis Claxton was an award winning choreographer with a reputation for creating finely crafted, exquisitely danced works across a wide range of themes and venues.

Her work was deeply embedded in research and drew on her extensive training in dance and movement forms that enhance a purity and expressiveness of the whole human through emotionally embodied, fully felt dancing.

“Eloquent, gimmick-free dance at its best.” –Venue

Janis was committed to bringing dance to public spaces and new audiences with a particular interest in the ‘accidental audience’. She created works for theatres, studios, zoos, parks, museums and galleries and for dance companies, opera, theatre companies, children’s theatre, conservatories, disabled dance and theatre, community and education projects and more.

“a passionate work that heralds Claxton as a force to be reckoned with.” –The Scotsman

“…(the dancers) measured and masterful co-ordination is a fine testament to their skill as well as Claxton’s exquisite choreography and vision“ –Edinburgh Guide

Selected Works

POP-UP Duets (fragments of love)

The current Janis Claxton Dance production, POP-UP Duets draws on the company’s legacy of bringing high quality dance to public spaces in a series of a series of short (5-minute), multi-site-specific contemporary dance duets based around the theme of love.

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Chaos & Contingency

Chaos & Contingency is a unique performance based on the study of emergent mathematical patterns. Small variants initiate changes, patterns evolve and dissolve, revealing both simplicity and complexity within the piece. This pure dance piece integrates the award-winning company’s exquisitely fluid movement style, and its legacy for imaginative use of public spaces.

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Enclosure Humans

  • Enclosure Humans is a unique award winning durational performance event based in a zoo’s animal enclosure.
  • Human Animal is an interactive performance installation that ‘brings the zoo to you’ as the dancers inhabit large Perspex boxes situated in a gallery, park or other public space.
  • These ground breaking works are based around Janis Claxton’s extensive research into the connection of the human species with other animals, in particular the primates and our closest relatives the other great apes.

“A brilliantly subtle reminder of how genetically close to the (other) apes we are.” –The Times

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