Janis Claxton was a prolific teacher with over 30 years of international experience across a wide variety of professional, educational and community arenas.

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“Never had another teacher like her, she sees right through you and inspires you find your own rhythm and moves. She’s a fire starter, Janis lights you up and the only problem with having her as your teacher is that after that no one will ever really do.” Sarah Ndiaye

Janis’ dance work was grounded in her extensive experience as a movement researcher and she was renowned for her inspiring and generous teaching that reached tens of thousands of students in many countries.

“From the moment you meet Janis Claxton, you know you are at the right place! She nurtures your love for dance in such a profound and essential way, which goes beyond her abilty to teach technique and playfulness at the same time. If you want to become more than just a great dancer, but learn to trust your uniqueness, and fall into the flow of yourself, meet Janis.” Anoshe Overington dance artist and yoga teacher

Janis’ classes and workshops were influenced by the movement principles of Erick Hawkins (grandfather of somatic integration into contemporary dance technique), Alexander Technique, Contact Improvisation and Martial Arts.

“You will never experience your body the same way once you have worked with Janis. You will be taken on a magical journey where you will dive deep into your body and find movement you never knew you were capable of experiencing!” Viksy Stewart

She taught Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Improvisation, Choreography, Creative Learning in Education programs and Movement for Actors. She also had extensive experience of working with and training disabled dancers and actors.

In the UK Janis developed Creative Learning programs integrating dance into the curriculum for early years and primary age and delivered in-service trainings to teachers in Australia and the UK.

In Australia (1998/99) she created and directed a 3-month full time professional dance training programs with a staff of 8 teachers and musicians.

Janis’ teaching included for; Beijing Dance Academy, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, ARTEZ/Dance Academy Arnhem, Beijing Dance/LDTX, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, London School of Contemporary Dance, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Scottish Ballet, Scottish Opera, Shenzhen University, Dance Base, Sichuan People’s Art Theatre, Dance House Glasgow, DanceHouse Ireland, Creative Partnerships, Lung Ha Theatre Company, Dance Base Edinburgh, Bristol Dance Centre, Siobhan Davies Dance Company, Art Space for Kids (Shanghai), Australian Dance Theatre, Ballet Theatre Augsburg, University Of Western Sydney, Bristol City College, Bath Spa University, Community Dance Wales, London Contact Improvisation, Freiburg International Contact Festival, Atelier Atesonado (Paris), Kodomo No Shiro and CI.co (Tokyo) and many more.

Teaching Videos

Contact Improvisation Workshops.

Beijing Dance Academy 2009:

Janis Claxton Contact Improvisation workshop Beijing Dance Academy from Janis Claxton Dance on Vimeo.

Company Class Beijing Dance /LDTX 2009:

Beijing Dance LDTX class from Janis Claxton Dance on Vimeo.