From 2009 Janis visited China on numerous occasions working with leading artists, organisations and institutions.

Janis worked with ; Beijing/Dance LDTX, Ping Pong Productions, Beijing Dance Academy, Sichuan People’s Art Theatre, British Council China, Guangdong Dance Festival, DaDao Live Art Festival, Beijing Song and Dance Company, Shanghai Expo, Sichuan Peoples Art Theatre, Shenzhen Culture Bureau, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Unlock Dancing Plaza, Xiao Ke, Xindanwei, Cicada Drama Company, A.S.K (Art Space for Kids) and more.

Janis works have appeared on CCTV’s Culture Show and with Willy Tsao here (watch from 3mins 50secs – 15mins 30secs)

Janis Claxton Dance has presented works at; 798 Art Space/DaDao Live Art Festival, Shanghai Expo, Beijing Dance Festival, Beijing Dance Academy, Xiangning Art Museum Shenzhen.

Janis choreographed for BeijingDance/LDTX for the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival (2010) and the Beijing Dance Festival as well as for Beijing Dance Academy (2011), Beijing Song and Dance Company (2011) and the Shenzhen Sister Cities Festival (2013) at Xiangning Art Museum.

In 2013 Janis was movement director and physical theatre trainer for Sichuan People’s Art Theatre  production I Breath (Huxi) which subsequently toured to the Avignon Festival. In 2015 she was  worked as Movement Director with Gerry Mulgrew and Beijing Cicada Drama Company for the Beijing Literary Festival.

An advocate for cultural exchange Janis took dancers from China and UK to each others countries to work together on large scale projects, offering invaluable opportunities for the artists  to explore in-depth cultural exchange through the creative process.

“Ping Pong Productions seeks to foster and collaborate with international producers who know what it means to work in a global context. Janis Claxton has an unparalleled record of bringing Chinese and Scottish artists together for long-term, in-depth collaborative performance projects of supreme artistic quality. Artists here respect her and want to work with her. She navigates the complexities and nuances of China with humour and sensitivity. This broad, humanistic vision fits perfectly with PPP’s mission of bringing China and the world together through the performing arts.” (Alison Friedman)

Janis had a long standing collaboration with Willy Tsao’s Beijing/Dance LDTX, including extensive teaching for the company, choreographing works and bringing Janis Claxton Dance and BeijingDance/LDTX together to create the opening performance for the Beijing Dance Festival (part of  the UK Now China Festival supported through Creative Scotland’s International Investment program, Scottish Government, British Council Scotland).

In August 2010 Janis was a guest speaker for the 18th International Congress of Aesthetics at Peking University, where she presented her choreographic research paper.

As a recipient of an International Creative Entrepreneurs Fellowship Janis spent 5 months in 2013 in China where she worked with Xindanwei China’s first coworking space and Xinchejian China’s first Hackerspace where she engaged in projects with leaders in the fields of coworking, APP development and start-ups.

As a 2014 recipient of a Federation of Scottish Theatre’s Producer Placement Program Janis worked with Ping Pong Productions in Beijing to support the producing of Tim Robbins The Actors Gang and Mark Morris Dance Group at the NCPA.

In December 2015 she spent 4 weeks working at A.S.K (Art Space for Kids Shanghai) developing Creative Learning for Children and creating a performance for A.S.K press conference.

Building on her extensive experience and networks across fields between Scotland and China, Janis founded SC²ENE (Scotland China) Cultural Exchange Network for producing and consultancy on projects  between the UK and China.


 You can read about Janis’ impressions of China here in Creativity Journal