Janis ClaxtonJanis has 30 years of international experience spanning a wide variety of professional, community and educational dance and theatre. She has worked independently and with companies and organisations in Scotland, China, England, Wales, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA and more.

Janis is currently Choreographer in Residence with Creative Edinburgh.

Some key work has included for: Janis Claxton Dance, Beijing Dance/LDTX, Scottish Opera, National Dance Company of Wales, Beijing Dance Festival, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Edinburgh Zoo, Lung Ha Theatre Company, Sichuan People’s Art Theatre, Shanghai Expo, Edinburgh International Festival, UK Now China Festival, South-East Asian Choreolab, British Council (UK, Scotland, Malaysia & China) and more.

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Janis Claxton talks about her work at British Dance Additions:

BDE 2014 – Janis Claxton from British Dance Edition 2016 on Vimeo.